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Summer Holiday Camps

Mad Science Wessex are running more awesome, hands-on Summer Kids Camps. We've been busy in the Mad Science laboratories, creating a whole new set of mega marvellous, mind-blowing experiments for your mini Mad Scientists - let the fun begin....! 

Venues in: Andover, Barton Stacey, Winchester, Fordingbridge, Salisbury, Bulford, Verwood, Wimborne, Shaftesbury and Blandford

All Mini Mad Scientists aged 4-11 welcome... Look no further for a brilliant, investigative science camp to fill your school holidays. Our main aim is always to have FUN!






AGES: 4-11 yrs

TIME: 10am-3pm (please bring a packed lunch and drink - N.B. WE HAVE A NO NUT POLICY)

Online Booking:

By Phone - 01722 351537



5-Day Week Rate: £135 per child

Single Day Rate: £30 per child

GROUP BOOKING DISCOUNT: Book 5 children or more for any day and each child comes along for £25 per day! (please phone to book this discount)


Kinetic Chaos

Spring into action today as we explore the science of toys! That’s right let’s twist and turn, spin and spiral, bounce and hop as we turn potential energy into crazy kinetic chaos. Dynamic Motion and Fabulous, Fascinating Forces are the order of the day. Have fun exploring Newton’s Laws of Motion amongst many other highlights. We’re sure you have plenty of potential as a Physicist, so why not get involved in some Kinetic Craziness with Mad Science!

Weather Wonders

Tornado through this whirlwind day as we get wise about the weather, get crazy with clouds, static about lightning, uncover the reasons for seasons, unearth UV rays as we experiment with solar energy and finally mini meteorologists…. is it possible to predict the weather for tomorrow??

Roaring Rockets

5, 4, 3, 2, 1 lift off as we go up up and away! From the Wright brothers to Apollo 11, from horizontal to vertical flight, journey through the clouds and beyond. We will get to grips with the forces of flight and the best aerodynamic action during this air-raising adventure.  Today we will have fun floating and flying as we create hoverboards, planes and rockets – will yours fly high or do tricks?  What are you waiting for? This is your day to be a rocket engineer - the sky’s your limit!

Mighty Mini-Beasts

Let’s discover what it takes to be an entomologist as we embark on the study of Insects, worms and things that squirm, from predators to parasites, scavengers and pollinators, we will discover how these itsy, bitsy, teeny, weeny tiny creatures can have such major purposes in our lives by simply making up about 80% of all known animals present on the earth. From insect classification to survival, adaptation and evolution what does it take to survive as an insect? 

Huff and Puff

Sports Science!  Join us on our mission nutrition journey as we explore what keeps us happy and healthy.  Today it’s all about our Insides and outsides as we journey through the human body, exploring our mighty muscles and lovely lungs.  Time to scientifically test the food we like to eat......what will come out top on our sugar test? How many calories are in a marshmallow?  Time to step into action today explore how we work!

Polymer Putty

Welcome to the world of glorious gloop!  This day will challenge the children to branch out into the physical aspects of chemistry and whizz bang chemical reactions! An amazing four-layer mixture shakes up the idea of water and solutions some chemicals looove water (hydrophilic) and some chemical are water hating (hydrophobic). The children will make waves and immerse themselves in some wet and wonderful science. Discovering density by sinking fizzy drinks cans, the intriguing investigation continues with liquid layers in the dynamic Density Stacker activity.  This gloopy day will end in a polymer reaction as we join molecules together to make our very own silly putty!

Junior Detectives

Stop, look, listen…..we calling all mini mad science detectives.  It’s time to jump on board and discover what it takes to be a top investigator. Crime-solving, case-breaking, code-cracking. From fingerprint finding to fiber analysis, footprint studies to trye track examinations. In this nonstop clue finding day we will even make messages disappear and re-appear using chemical tests! Mad Science detectives need to be looking and watching – how observant are you? Will you and your detective team hunt down the clues and be clued up?

Boom, Pop, Bang!

Time to have a voice changing experience! Make waves and make some noise in this fun and funky sonic sound science show!  Today we explore sound like you’ve never heard it before as we create our own booms & pops! With new sound amplifying activities to explore. Science is the real star on your big screen so today we will be going behind the scenes of the creation of films. It is also time to get marvelled with motion pictures as we flip and flick to bring stories alive.  We will toy with 3-D technology unearthing the reason for red and blue glasses.

Radical Reactions

Hop on board the chemistry express for a high-speed science experience as we slide down the pH scale! Perform instantaneous experiments in this fast-paced class on split-second reactions that go like mad! We will explore the amazing atoms that make up the world around us, putting them together to make marvellous molecules. Through mad mixing and excellent experimenting we will learn to recognize chemical reactions.

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