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Our in-class workshops are ideal for children from Nursery to Year 6

Here are just a few of our fun and interactive workshops that focus on science and engineering practice:

Slime Time!

Teaches: Force, Motion, Energy
Slime Time provides an entertaining lesson on polymers and their properties. These relatively complex chemistry concepts are introduced to elementary school-age children in tactile, visually-engaging experiments. Students create cross-linked polymers based on their observations of the properties of polymers and cross-linking agents.

Magnetic Attraction

Teaches: Force, Attract, Repel
Feel the force in this workshop, making magnets, float, spin and move without touching! Is it Magic? No it is Magnetic! We will discover how Magnets are useful in our everyday life. Children will explore magnets and determine what a magnetic field is through hands-on, visual experiments using an Eddy Current tube and having fun with Electromagnets.


Teaches: Force, Motion, Energy
This workshop introduces students to the fundamental concepts of electricity: circuits, conductors, insulators, and how electricity is converted for everyday uses. Students get to create different circuits, interact with plasma balls, discover “sticky” static electricity and make their own static energy chambers to take home.

Lights, Colour, Action

Teaches: Shadows, Spectrum, 
Children will discover a whole new world of rainbows as we immerse ourselves with the what makes up the light around us.  We will explore how shadows are formed and anaylise the whole light spectrum from infrared to ultra violet working out why some objects glow in the dark! 

Mission Nutrition

Teaches: Life Processes, human body
This program introduces children to nutritional basics including the role of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. The children will gain an understanding of how food provides energy for the body and how exercise plays an
important role in energy levels. The program increases knowledge, stimulates motivation, and encourages healthy attitudes toward personal health, nutrition, and fitness.


Teaches: Living Systems
Children are introduced to the world of entomology. Examining real specimens and models help children familiarize themselves with insect anatomy. They discover that insects have specific body parts that set them apart from other arthropods. An insect habitat match-up helps children understand how insects adapt to their environment. They learn how insects defend themselves and pollinate plants. Children see from an insect’s
point of view with out super cool insect vision glasses! 

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